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Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing Package

Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing Package

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250 Gallon Sanitizer Manufacturing Package Plant  

Equipment list and budget price

Main Reactor Platform

  1. 250 Gallon 316ss Sanitary Mixing Reactor  Tri-Clamp
  2. Sanitary top mixer EXP motor, Gear Reduced, dual blade
  3. Lower Flush bottom 2” tri clamp Sanitary valve
  4. Lower 2” x 1.5” 316 sanitary stainless Tri Clamp piping
  5. 2 gallon rated Cone addition assembly to 1.5” sanitary piping
  6. High Sear 316ss Mixer / pump EXP motor
  7. Re-circulating  1.5” sanitary  x 2” loop
  8. CFT Sanitary Dual Window Sight Tri-Clamp Sight Flow Indicator
  9. 304ss welded tubing structure , polished sanitary finish
  10. Elevated stainless diamond plate work platform with stairs & with hand rail

Secondary Storage Platform

  1. Quantity 2   100 Gallon Holding Tanks 316 Sanitary Stainless Steel Construction
  2. Sealed inlet and discharge nozzle
  3. Transfer Variable Speed Sanitary Lobe Pump
  4. 5” Sanitary transfer line with dual Isolation valves
  5. Elevated stainless diamond plate work platform with stairs & with hand rail

Instrumentation Package

  1. Central Control Panel stainless steel
  2. Mixer On/off
  3. Mixer VFD with RPM read out
  4. Temperature indicators Mixing reactor
  5. High Shear Pump On/Off
  6. Transfer Lobe pump On/off,

Hand Sanitizer Process and Formulation

Formulations may contain a variety of ingredients.

A hand sanitizer formulation may contain active ingredients such as:

  • Ethyl Alcohol
  • Isopropyl Alcohol

Other ingredients:

  • Carbopol– provides gel-like texture. However, hand foams in pump bottle dispensers usually have lower viscosities to provide efficient dispersion.
  • Humectants or Moisturizerslike Glycerin
  • Fragrance(usually not included in non-scented hand sanitizers)
  • Coloring(not included in clear hand sanitizers)
  • Bitter-tasting compound– to prevent consumers from drinking the hand sanitizer

The most important sanitizing ingredient is Ethyl or Isopropyl alcohol at a very high concentrationsay at 96% (WHO). This is to ensure that when mixed with the solution, the final product                       would be around 70 to 80% concentration, as required by the FDA and CDC.


  • Water and Carbopol are mixed, until it forms a viscous gel. To obtain a conglomerate-free mixture, it is ensured that aeration is prevented during mixing.
  • Mixing #1,  Top Reactor Mixer low shear
  • Mixing #2  The high shear action inline mixer will rapidly wet out and disperse the powder, resulting in an agglomerate-free solution in a short mixing cycle and because the turbulence is all below the surface, aeration is minimized.
  • Alcohol is then added in the second phase of mixing until the mixture forms a uniform product. Initially, the alcohol would have a 96% concentration. Mixing it with the other ingredients would dilute it to 70% to 80% concentration.
  • Triethanolamine may be added to obtain the right PH of the solution, so it would not irritate the skin.
  • Humectants can also be added and some preservatives, depending on your formulation.

In addition, an in-line mixer can efficiently recirculate the mixture in the mixing line to ensure uniformity of the end-product.

After which, the hand sanitizer solution is filled in individual containers with a filling machine (not Included)

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